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XAMPPX (any of four different operating systems), Apache, MySQL, PHP and Perl
XAMPPApache Http Server Mysql Database Php and Perl
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The implementation process went through various phases which include, installing XAMPP software that contains PhpMyAdmin, MSQL, and Apache server, defining a PHP site in Dreamweaver CS5, building the databases, linking to databases, creating administration pages, creating Normal user pages, and add more features and functions to administration and normal users [2].
Q#5 We had provided the previous environment which had employed XAMPP as main package to construct educational environment.
Las secuencias ESTs, asi como la informacion derivada de su procesamiento fueron depositadas en una base de datos llamada Kumara ESTs, desarrollada usando el paquete de programas XAMPP (que incluye Apache, MySQL, PHP y Perl).
A prepackaged set of free software--featuring the XAMPP Web server, Firefox Web browser, and Bluefish HTML editor--is found on the accompanying Live Linux CD.
Setting Up Your Web Development Environment with the XAMPP Package
Projects include running DSL on alternative hardware, making an Edna Music Server, using Skype VoIP service, and setting up a XAMPP web server.