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XANESX-Ray Absorption Near Edge Structure
XANESX-ray Absorption Near-edge Spectra
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Schefe CR, Kappen P, Zuin L, Pigram PJ, Christensen C (2009) Carboxylic acid addition modifies phosphate sorption on soil and boehmite surfaces: A solution chemistry and XANES spectroscopy study.
In single crystals, the dependence of XANES on polarization of the incident radiation reflects the directions of such cation displacements.
The speaker discussed recent advances in the development of parameter-free ab initio theory for calculating x-ray absorption spectra, which is a necessary prerequisite for the use of XANES as a fully quantitative technique.
Using XANES spectroscopy to determine the oxidation state of chromium in contaminated soil.
With the improved efficiency of FeffMPI now in hand, it is feasible to carry out XANES calculations which otherwise would have been impractical.
As one example of these calculations, we show how XANES calculations can be used in the study of amorphous germanium (aGe).
Comparisons of CRN models with EXAFS data have been done, but these comparisons were not extended into the XANES region because of the inability to perform ab initio XANES calculations, and even in the EXAFS region the calculations were limited to a simple single scattering theory (52).
The results of FEFF calculations are compared to the experimental XANES in Figure 7a and 7b for s-polarized ([E.
In this study, we analyse aggregates of soil in which the original structure has been maintained and thin sections of undisturbed soil at [micro]m-scale in order to resolve the distribution of Ca, Fe, Mn, Zn, and Cu around micropores by [mu]-XRF and their speciation by XANES.
The XANES and XAFS spectra were collected around the absorption edges of the elements of interest: Mn, 6539 eV; Fe, 7112 eV; Cu, 8979 eV; Zn, 9659 eV.
In the energy loop of the XANES calculation each node (master and workers) executes [1/N.
As one example of these calculations, we show how XANES measurements are used in the study of barium-strontium titanate (BST) films that are of interest as high-k dielectrics in electronic devices [55, 56].