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XAPX-Associated Protein
XAPXerox Alliance Partner (business relationship)
XAPX Application Panel
XAPX Activation Peptide (biochemistry)
XAPExperimental Aerial Platforms
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XAP guarantees unparalleled performance by ensuring robust data management, efficient real-time event processing, extensive data storage capabilities, and high reliability in terms of data availability.
Overall, GigaSpaces' XAP in-memory computing platform and Cloudify orchestration have helped in the creation of a comprehensive ecosystem that not only resolves issues with expanded data storage, but also guarantees real-time data processing and high-availability of the processed data," observed Frost & Sullivan Research Analyst Shilpa Ramachandran.
Winners will be chosen on the basis of originality and innovation, Visual XAP Appeal, Consumer XAP Appeal and unique mobile-oriented features,.
A panel of qualified judges with knowledge and experience in software development will review all eligible entries received and select the winning teams based upon criteria revolving around originality and innovation, Visual XAP Appeal, Consumer XAP Appeal and unique mobile-oriented features.
There are more than 24 first generation XAP grades currently on the market, totalling some 200 variants, and Ticona is working with customers to make the transition to the XAP(2) series.
It is a really exciting time for Proper Cornish as the XAP license has opened up a window of opportunity for new business across Europe.
XAP personnel collected paleoethnobotanical materials following protocols established by Lentz (1989, 1991).
In addition, the XAPs support 38 zones of mix-minus speech, which can be individually delayed for correct alignment of local and reinforced speech signals.
XAP Net enables customers to remotely program, upgrade or perform system diagnostics on any of ClearOne's XAP or PSR systems.
Benchmarks Versus Competitors Prove GigaSpaces XAP Is Best Alternative for Fast Processing and Performance
GigaSpaces XAP is currently available through the GigaSpaces channel network and at http://www.
I think the program has been a great success - several hundred thousand students have applied to college using computer applications by XAP,'' Firstenberg said.