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XAPX-Associated Protein
XAPXerox Alliance Partner (business relationship)
XAPX Application Panel
XAPX Activation Peptide (biochemistry)
XAPExperimental Aerial Platforms
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GigaSpaces provides software for in-memory computing, including the XAP platform and InsightEdge for high-speed data analytics, at work in hundreds of organizations worldwide.
Winning criteria would be based on originality and innovation, Visual XAP Appeal, Consumer XAP Appeal and distinctive mobile-oriented features.
Winners will be chosen on the basis of originality and innovation, Visual XAP Appeal, Consumer XAP Appeal and unique mobile-oriented features,.
A panel of qualified judges with knowledge and experience in software development will review all eligible entries received and select the winning teams based upon criteria revolving around originality and innovation, Visual XAP Appeal, Consumer XAP Appeal and unique mobile-oriented features.
To overcome the bottlenecks created by millions of transaction requests that comes to the Central Bank every second from banks across the country, the new system implements XAP technology to create self managed virtual multiple gateways, which enables concurrent, multiple postings on a single account.
There are more than 24 first generation XAP grades currently on the market, totalling some 200 variants, and Ticona is working with customers to make the transition to the XAP(2) series.
It is a really exciting time for Proper Cornish as the XAP license has opened up a window of opportunity for new business across Europe.
The XAP microcontroller core provides similar flexibility, and can be equipped with a range of digital and analog I/O--and memory sizes--to suit the application.
The tiered room system uses six ClearOne XAP 800s, which are eight-channel, AEC microphone mixers/audio management and distribution systems, and an XAP 400 four-channel system with a built-in telephone hybrid and amplifier.
a provider of conferencing products and services, has unveiled XAP Net, a control interface that provides remote access to the company's audio products through local area networks and over the Internet.
DUDH and DURH are intercept dummies for detached and row houses, respectively, XDH, XRH, XAP are the sprinkling need index restricted to detached houses, row houses, and apartments, respectively,(1) W and W 1 are unlagged and one-period lagged water demand, PW and PW1 unlagged and lagged water price, PE and PE1 unlagged and lagged energy price, Y is unlagged income, and e and u are stochastic variables.
We bought Canon's XAP SHOT Still Video Camera, that takes pictures to disk, and a capture board, which "captures" the images and pulls them onto the hard disk.