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XAReXtended Attribute Record (CD Format)
XARXtreme Air Racing (computer game)
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The illustrations of Xar, Wish, the magical creatures, notices and maps will be familiar to fans of How to Train your Dragon but they are darker and have more of a feel of Tinder or A Monster Calls.
However, the remaining proposed cognates (KhE -kari 'place '(in compounds), KhS jar, KhN xar, xari 'forest (esp.
With the spectrum of grades ranging from XAR 300 to XAR 600, steel solutions can be tailored to requirements: XAR 400 is the most commonly used variant.
Essa articulacao deveria levar em consideracao a necessidade e os problemas de o professor dei xar de ser a unica fonte de conhecimento e passar a funcionar como um guia, estimulando e orientando os alunos na busca e analise das informacoes disponiveis nas mais diferentes midias.
Hulle dring sy psige binne, "verkens" hom, ry hom en voer hom in die sentrale beeld van gansmigrasie na Oos-Europa toe, waarvan katedrale, pyporrels, Dracula, Xar en Dostoyevsky vir hom indekse is.
Included are discussions of PXR and XAR as xenobiotic receptors, their structure and function, animal models, drug-drug interactions of prescription drugs and herbal medicines, and genetic variants.
4) Richard Sheppard and Xar Adelberg of Amerinouche.
The new implantable transceiver design capitalizes on the company's extensive experience with ultra-low power radio, as well as the consultancy's lean RISC processor core, XAR Extreme attention to power economy has been applied throughout the design, both to consumption in the transceiver architecture, as well as the power-saving algorithms that are employed to wake up and control the device.
Membranes were prepared for autofluorography with TROPIX [TM] AMPPD chemiluminescent substrate and visualized on Kodak XAR film.