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XASX-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy
XASX-Linked Alport Syndrome (biomedicine)
XASExperimental Air Specification Weapons
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Synchrotron XAS is a very attractive alternative in determining the type and quantifying the amount of precipitates and will be the first picked-up example in this paper.
The XAS 90's controls are grouped on a single panel to provide quick, hassle-free operation.
The XAS 185 features a fully automatic regulator that constantly varies the engine speed according to air demand, which minimizes fuel consumption.
Atlas Copco introduced the XAS 750/D7 Tier 4a rotary screw, portable compressor during the event.
Time-resolved XAS investigation of the reduction/oxidation of MoO$-x.
3] 5> 30-65 mullite 50< 5 > Fiber diameter, [micro]m 2-5 2-5 Strength, MPa 1670 2000 4480 E, GPa 167 300 227 Color white white Characteristics Delta-alumina Graphite PAN short fibers short fibers Saffil RF Grafil XAS Classification temp.
The new XAH, XAS, XDH, and XDS series are available from stock in over 300 sizes ranging from .
Examples of emerging ultrafast probes include 4-D electron imaging and time-resolved XAS.
The new XAH, XAS, XDH and XDS series are available from stock in over 300 sizes ranging from 13 to 300 mm (.
PCC Terna has taken delivery of four Atlas Copco XAS 97 portable compressors to provide air power for a range of hand tools, including jack hammers; and includes the first two units from the recently introduced HardHat range of compressors in Bahrain.
Performing a critical role in many of these activities, ITP has been relying on its large fleet of Atlas Copco air compressors which includes seven XRVS 466s, two XRVS 455s, four XAS 555 MDs, plus a XAS 36 YD, a XAS 65 DD, a XAS 175, A XAH 175 and a XAS 495.