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XAUGold Exchange Rate (ISO)
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This account also offers the facility of transferring the gold balance to another XAU account holder or selling back to the bank, said the statement.
A few of the worst performing XAU components on Thursday were Agnico-Eagle Mines (AEM), New Gold (NGD), and Silver Standard Resources (SSRI).
The XAU account was launched a couple of weeks ago and will soon be available to the general public and corporate sector.
VA produces the highest mean IRR for all time periods except for the 5-year investment time horizons for the XAU, where Random was best, and for the 5-year investment time horizon for the S&P 500 where DCA was best.
Kinross Gold Corporation and IAMGOLD Corporation (2) The XAU is the PHLX (Philadelphia Stock Exchange) Gold/Silver Sector Index, a capitalization-weighted index composed of 16 companies involved in the gold and silver mining industry.
The XAU Index/Gold ratio has now broken 10, exceeding its previous historical high of 9.
discrepancy in the high level of gold prices and the low valuation of gold miners, just as we did in autumn 2008 when the XAU Index/gold price ratio hit its historic high of 9x.
Since then the XAU has done pretty well and today it's up about four percent, making a new two week high in the process.
The ratio of gold to the XAU index (the 16 largest gold stocks) is nearing 8x, still below the 9x reached in Oct 2008 and far above the historical average of around 5x, suggesting that gold stocks globally are still undervalued.
Each issue includes O'Brien's commentary, opinion and specific recommendations on gold, silver, and the XAU.