XCMSXml Cryptographic Message Syntax
XCMSX Color Management System
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That CMS, an element of RedDot's larger XCMS, includes SmartEdit, a permissions-based WYSIWYG editing tool; Asset Manager, a centralized repository for all site graphics and photos; Site Manager, a tree-structured tool that allows site administrators to create page templates, edit content, define workflows, and assign levels of content approval; Translation Editor, a tool for "localizing" content for international markets; Web Compliance Manager, a tool that ensures compliance with industry and regulatory usability standards; and Import Manager, a tool for migrating content from legacy systems, external databases, and text-based formats.
RedDot XCMS Named a KM World Trend-Setting Product of 2006
The converted data were processed using XCMS Online for peak picking, alignment, integration, and extraction of the peak intensities.
We used the XCMS program (5) to align and analyze the LC-MS data.
RedDot Live Server[TM] provides a rich set of modules designed to dramatically enhance the effectiveness of XCMS across multiple online channels with minimal involvement of IT resources.
Recognized throughout the industry as the fastest to implement and easiest to use, RedDot's XCMS (Extended Content Management Suite) is a scalable and personalized solution for Web content and document management that is used by more than 1000 organizations worldwide.
The XCMS modular solution enables: Web Content Management, Document Management, Collaboration, Personalization, Business Process Management and Application Integration.