XCOOlympic Cross-Country (mountain bike competition)
XCOCrystal-Controlled Oscillator
XCOXinniX Certified Originator
XCOCrude Oil Barrels
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Paez won four races along 2012 campaign: Divinus Bike Clivus (May 20th), Lessinia Bike Legend (May 27th) and above all the more and more prestigious Sella Ronda Hero Marathon (June 23rd) and National XCO championships (July 22nd).
With the number of smartphone users which now number over 63 million in the US, American University athletics quickly recognized the importance of creating a valuable mobile solution to connect with their fans," said Alan Hayman, President of XCO SportsLink.
XCO SportsLink is a smartphone technology company based in McLean, Virginia.
According to a study by a German university, using the XCO tubes can result in a 25 per cent increase in energy use and a 33 per cent higher calorie burn.
The XCO, which was invented by Dutch physiotherapists, is also being hailed as a fitness saviour for time-poor exercisers.
For celebrity personal trainer Elise Lindsay, the XCO offers the ideal training aid for her clients.
Lindsay, who was behind Coleen McLoughlin's pre-wedding fitness regime, said: "I find the XCO delivers quick, effective results, which is important for many of my clients.
The next step is to walk while holding the XCO tubes in the hands.
The XCO effect gets to work straight away, and new users shouldn't be surprised if they have tired upper body muscles the day after a workout.
Maggie Scott, who has been using her XCO tubes for two months, has found the greatest benefits in her biceps, triceps and abs.
The 43-year-old mum, from Glasgow, said: "The XCO tubes do take a bit of getting used to and I have had some funny looks while out walking in public with them.
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