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XCOR Aerospace builds rocket-powered vehicles, propulsion systems, advanced non-flammable composites and rocket piston pumps.
Shah's trip, she's flying sometime next year from the Californian desert, is being organised by the group XCOR Space Expeditions.
XCOR Aerospace was a partner in securing the spaceport License.
Valued at almost PS100,000, the incentive was put forward by XCOR Space Expeditions - an American company which, from the end of next year, will be giving people the chance to travel beyond the Earth's atmosphere on board its Lynx Mark I and II spaceships.
But now Dutch aerospace giant XCOR is offering to the first player to ace the 163-yard parthree 15th hole at the Kennemer course in Zandvoort.
Whether Dyson would fancy the unique hole-in-one prize on offer remains to be seen, the first player making an ace on the 15th winning a trip into space courtesy of XCOR Space Expeditions.
US spaceflight company XCOR Aerospace said it had closed the all-stock acquisition of Dutch company Space Expedition Corporation (SXC) without disclosing the value of the deal.
World view's concept of travelling without rockets and without feeling the weightlessness stands apart from the other space tourism ventures such as XCOR and Virgin Galactic, where both are offering short flight on rocket-powered space planes to an altitude of 62 miles and passengers will experience few minutes of weightlessness along with the spectacular view.
13) XCOR expects to use the spacecraft as a test bed to develop both a reusable orbital vehicle capable of transporting people to a space station soon (14) and a vehicle that can make suborbital point-to-point flights by around 2030.
The spacecraft, which is produced by the US private aerospace company XCOR Aerospace, can only carry one astronaut and one tourist, and will stay in space for five to six minutes while the tourist can enjoy a view of space and one-third of Earth.
Other companies developing passenger suborbital spacecraft include privately owned XCOR Aerospace, which is building a two-person spaceplane called Lynx, and Blue Origin, a startup space company owned by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos.
The XCOR Lynx is a Concept X vehicle that can take off and land up to four times in one day.