XCRCross Country Running
XCRExtended Comfort Range (Gore-Tex)
XCRCross Country Racer (Polaris snowmobile)
XCRX Conserved Region (genetics)
XCRX-Chequer Resources (Canada)
XCRExtended Character Recognition
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Caplin, who has a doctorate in biochemistry and molecular biology, says he thinks the potential of XCR has only been tapped in the last eight years of study, and he is excited by its possibilities.
I noticed the XCR stock changes easily and fits well.
The thieves stole the GT black, red and white XCR 4000 bicycle as well as confectionery and other foods.
The Gore-Tex XCR 3L fabric is waterproof, but breathable, allowing wearers to keep warm and dry without overheating.
Built entirely on Microsoft Dynamics AX, the Junction Solutions' XCR solution enables full operational transparency across and between every sales channel.
Caplin says XCR will soon replace PCR throughout the industry.
Purchase any Remington Model 700 CDL, CDL SF, BDL, XCR, XCRII or XHR and any Zeiss Conquest or Victory riflescope (with the exception of the Conquest 3-9x40 #20 reticle) from authorized dealers in the US.
Customers who purchase any Remington Model 700 CDL, CDL SF, BDL, XCR, XCR II or XHR, and any Zeiss Conquest or Victory riflescope, with the exception of the ZEISS Conquest 3-9x40 #20 reticle, from authorized Remington and Zeiss dealers in the U.
Although newer designs with improved human engineering have appeared, such as the FNH-USA SCAR, Bushmaster/Magpul ACR and Robinson Armament XCR, none can compete with the AR on price.
WATERPROOF AND BREATHABLE FOR SUMMER: Lightweight Supalite XCR walking boot with GoreTex[umlaut] XCR[umlaut] lining (1160gms), pounds 100, by Brasher in sizes 7-12 for men, 4-8 for women.
The MarSurf XCR 20 enables roughness and contour measurements to be taken on the same unit with the same setup.