XDBExtended Database
XDBLille, France (Airport Code)
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Nastran XDB file -- the interface displays information about the model being read and shows what output is available in the file.
As a result, whether the firm is an insurance carrier, insurance broker or broker- dealer, the XDB can accommodate and track the information required, including securities registration and continuing education credits, and reuse this information to significantly streamline the compliance process.
When XDB was acquired by Micro Focus, he served as vice president of development - responsible for the direction, design and delivery of Micro Focus' middleware and RDBMS technologies.
The full integrated tool chain for SuperTAP for ElanSC520 microcontrollers includes the CAD-UL XDB debugger and linker/locator for full support of 16- and 32-bit architectures.
The development systems will include a number of optimized development tools including a compiler and the Intel XScale microarchitecture XDB JTAG Debugger for Symbian OS.
A wide range of vendors have already expressed their intent to support PowerJ including American Management Systems, Sales Vision Inc, KL Group, Visigenic Software Inc, XDB Systems Inc, ObjectSpace Inc, and JScape Corporation (see editors note).
Additionally, Intel is making the Intel DBPXA250 development system, DCPXA250 daughter card and Intel XScale microarchitecture XDB Simulator 2.
25 /PRNewswire/ -- Targeting the demands of business developers building and deploying Java applications and applets, XDB Systems has entered into an agreement with Sybase, Inc.
Object/FX Corporation, OnDisplay, OpenConnect Systems, Oracle, Patil Systems, POET Software, ProtoView Development, Rogue Wave Software, Sarrus Software, SCO, Seagate Software, Segue Software, Shafir, Shana Corporation, SQRIBE Technologies, SR Gen, Stingray Software, Sun, Sybase, Sylvan Ascent, Symantec, Thought, Visual Numerics, Wall Data, webMethods and XDB Systems.
CAD-UL, a market leader in embedded development tools for the Intel(R) 80x86 and Intel Pentium(R) families of microprocessors, today announced CAD-UL XDB Simulator for Intel XScale(TM) microarchitecture, the first software debugger for Intel's recently launched technology for Internet-capable wireless devices.