XDCExtended Direct Connect
XDCExternal Data Center (various organizations)
XDCXNA Developer Connection (Microsoft)
XDCExtended Debugging Controller (Cole Software)
XDCXDISK Domain Connector (software)
XDCCross-Connect Data Conflict
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As a part of its development roadmap, the platform has also announced the upcoming XDC Pre-ICO token sale where all interested parties can purchase some of the Xchange Infinite Development Contract (XDC) tokens.
According to Hancock, out of 30,000 screens across Europe, 22,600 (plus a proportion of Sony's target screens), now have in place virtual print fee deals--where distributors pony up most conversion costs working through digital-deployment integrators such as XDC, Arts Alliance and Ymagis.
Beachcasters are vying for our shore-fishing prize pair - Shakespeare's SALT 15ft long surf rod supplied with an SKP Medalist XDC 7000 front-drag reel.
Xantrex XDC digitally controlled power supplies are the smart choice for ATE, production test, burn-in, bulk power and OEM applications.
The XDC 12 kW is designed to meet high power requirements in ATE, production test, bum-in, bulk power and OEM applications.
XDCE token is swappable which means it can be swapped 1:1 with the standard XDC token without any transaction fee.
5m) three-piece long surf rod and Medalist XDC 7000 front-drag reel with two spools goes to the winning shore entry.
Several studios have signed up for rollout initiatives from digital specialists Arts Alliance and XDC, but these have yet to win significant support from exhibitors.
com/209ee-196 models in 12-kW XDC series Constant power regulation; 10 models in 6-kW XDC series Constant V/constant I automatic crossover; 5 models in XPD series with up to 540 W in 1/4-rack wide package Company Price Agilent Technologies $2,570 www.
Our XDC and XDCE tokens are compatible with all decentralized exchanges and will be supported by liquidity providers to support all real world enterprise use cases.
In addition, enterprises that want to dynamically extend their on-premises infrastructure to Azure can easily use the XDC (extended data center) capability of Stealth that automates the shifting of secure workloads from their data centers directly into Azure, saving time and money.