XDEXerox Development Environment
XDEExtended Development Experience
XDEExtended Development Environment
XDEExtreme Digital Entertainment
XDEXtreme Dutch Elite (gaming)
XDEXACT Design Editor (computer graphics)
XDEX-Ray Dispersion Energy (neuropathology)
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Other big news with the XDE is that this version does not have a grip safety or a safety-lever trigger.
The XDE appears to me to be an ideal CCW platform for the 9mm.
As the market moves towards high definition, XDE lets them experience their existing DVD library and the tens of thousands of DVD titles in a whole new way," said Louis Masses, Director of Product Planning.
A particularly convincing indication of this "leveling of the playing field" came with Rational's announcement of its new XDE software modeling tool last year.
Rational Software has updated its Rational XDE Professional development tool so that it now supports Microsoft .
Examples of heterogeneous environments include: a network with 3 VAXes, 16 SUNs, and 1 Symbolics LISP machine; a network with 1 DEC-2060, 1 IBM-4341, and 20 IBM PC-ATs; a network with 12 Xerox D-Machines, 6 of which are running Interlisp and 6 of which are running XDE.
So, for the new XDE 9mm pistol, Springfield Armory designed it to be compact and flat enough that it can be carried easily yet large enough that you can get a good grip, control it during rapid fire strings and shoot tight groups.
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NET and Rational's XDE development environment for DB2 running on Windows Server 2003.
The company also announced that it has expanded its extended Developer Experience (XDE) with XDE Tester for software testing, and an enhanced version of XDE Developer.
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