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XDLCross Enterprise Document Librarian (medical records)
XDLXEDM (Xythos Enterprise Document Manager) Digital Locker (software)
XDLChandler, Quebec, Canada - Chandler / via Rail Service (Airport Code)
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The new Pacific Crest data link connects the line of XDL products that includes the XDL Micro, a transceiver OEM module.
This sophisticated radio leverages the latest generation XDL modem technology while remaining backward compatible with existing Pacific Crest and other products.
The XDL Rover 2 joins the line of XDL products that includes the XDL Micro, a transceiver OEM module.
The new XDL Rover 2 is available now through Trimble's Pacific Crest international dealer network.
The XDL Micro is an ideal high-speed radio receiver for products that require a one- or two-way communications link," said Charlie Branch, portfolio manager for Pacific Crest radios.
The new 2-Watt XDL Micro is available now through the Pacific Crest international dealer network.
In 1997, he founded and managed the original XDL Ventures Fund, focusing on information technology opportunities.
She is currently a Partner with XDL Intervest (formerly XDL Capital Corp), which is a premier venture capital company that provides value-added capital to entrepreneurial Business-to-Business eCommerce infrastructure companies.
com Corporation (Nasdaq:INTM,) a leading provider of global real-time news and information resources for Internet industry and Internet technology professionals, and XDL Intervest, a leading Canadian venture Capital firm dedicated to providing value-added capital to entrepreneurial companies in the Internet industry.
Young will join a distinguished group of directors from top corporations including StiVentures, XDL Capital Corp.
Ventures and its global network Apax Partners, BRM Group, and XDL Intervest Capital; Internet
Ventures and its global network, Apax Partners, with BRM Group, and XDL Intervest Capital, will ensure further development of the complete suite of Kamoon's Knowledge Commerce Channel software solutions, as well as strategic marketing and business development plans for rapid expansion across the financial services, professional services and B2B marketplaces verticals.