XESSX Engineering Software Systems Corp
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XESS Standard Edition is one of these core productivity applications in an affordable retail edition," said Arthur Coston, president of AIS.
XESS Standard Edition works with all major Linux distributions including Red Hat (NASDAQ: RHAT), SuSE, Debian, Caldera, and TurboLinux.
XESS Standard Edition is available from most popular retail and on-line stores.
XESS is the most powerful enterprise spreadsheet, with versions for most Linux, UNIX, OpenVMS, and Windows NT systems.
Its XESS spreadsheet technology is used daily in the most challenging applications -- designing automobiles and airplanes, monitoring spacecraft, deploying troops, controlling the power grid, and trading securities.
XESS is a licensed, registered trademark of Applied Information Systems.
AIS will be demonstrating a working prototype which will show the standard XESS spreadsheet running on a Unix server and a Java view of the spreadsheet data running from Netscape on an Intel PC.
The XESS spreadsheet system is ideally suited to exploit the Java technology", said Anne Hartley," vice president at AIS.
XESS is a powerful spreadsheet system for X Windows that can be used either as a standalone application or as a widget for integration with other applications.
AIS will demonstrate XESS/Trade connected to XESS spreadsheets running on Unix and on Windows NT.
The rugged real-time design of the XESS spreadsheet ensures performance and reliability, proven in the most demanding applications - designing airplanes, monitoring spacecraft, deploying troops.
Because of the Network Desktop's seamless integration into nearly all networking environments, it becomes the perfect platform on which to exploit the distributed, networked features of the NExS Spreadsheet," said Tom Miller, president of XESS Corporation.