XFELEuropean X-Ray Laser Project
XFELX-ray Free Electron Laser
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LafargeHolcim engineers developed additional mixes meeting European XFEL contractor requirements for reduced content of aluminum, natrum, silica and magnesium--common in port-land cement and concrete but potentially interfering with highly sensitive measurements in the tunnel.
In chemical science, the ultrashort bursts of XFEL light have been used to capture the birth of a chemical bond and follow the ultrafast dynamics of catalytic activity as gas is passed over a metal surface--allowing insight into the fundamental reactions that drive major industrial processes.
The European XFEL has generated its first X-ray laser light.
has received a contract to offer power couplers for the European XFEL superconducting linear accelerator.
The European XFEL is a large-scale user facility for intense X-ray radiation currently under construction in Schenefeld close to Hamburg.
Lot 1), cabling work on the DESY communication cable systems (lot 3) of the DESY / location Hamburg or XFEL in Schenefeld SH.
Die European X-Ray Free-Electron Laser Facility GmbH (European XFEL GmbH) mit Sitz in 22869 Schenefeld (bei Hamburg), ist eine im Aufbau befindliche multinationale gemeinntzige Forschungseinrichtung in der Metropolregion Hamburg.
X-probes interdisciplinary and intersectorial training network incorporates four leading European X-ray facilities (ESRF, MAXIV Laboratory, European XFEL, SwissFEL); three academic laboratories at the forefront developing X-ray tools to probe protein dynamics; and both large and small industrial partners.
Die European X-Ray Free-Electron Laser Facility GmbH baut den Europischen Rntgenlaser XFEL auf den Betriebsgelnden Bahrenfeld, Osdorfer Born und Schenefeld.
Supply of electricity without power usage for DESY Hamburg and Zeuthen and XFEL in Hamburg.
The scope of supply comprises the design, fabrication, assembly, testing and delivery of 5 Diffraction Order Dumps (DODs) and 1 Entrance Slit (ES) for the SASE3 beamline at the European XFEL.