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XFIXtreme Fidelity (Creative)
XFiCross Functional, Cross Industry (LViHD)
XFIXinhua FTSE (Financial Times and London Stock Exchange) Index (joint venture; UK and China)
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Por otro lado, XFI establecio una nueva filial en Republica Dominicana y estima proximamente abrir una mas en Centroamerica.
1 Gbps for SONET/SDH and 10 Gbps Ethernet; tunable within full C-band DWDM optical interface ITU-50 GHz grid; zero chirping and negative chirping; hot pluggable; external signal interface: XFI (XFP MSA 4.
The XFP Group has adopted the final XFP specification for 10-Gigabit optical modules that are compatible with the XFI serial connection used by the BCM8703," said Robert Snively, chair of the XFP Group.
The device is compatible with CEI-11G and XFI SerDes, which allows a seamless interface with high performance FPGAs as well as standard libraries available from ASIC providers.
These chipsets are XFI compliant, and they operate from 9.
10 Gb/s optical modules are gaining wide acceptance in the market and can be grouped into three classes based on electrical interface and functionality: SFI-4 transponders, XAUI transponders and XFI transceivers.
3125 Gbps, CEI-11G and XFI compatible SerDes interface.
The IP subsystem runs a 4-Lane XAUI or a single Lane XFI interface which offers connectivity to Ethernet PHYs and Controller ASSPs (Application Specific Standard Products).
Apodis family of OTN Processors integrate up to thirty-two wide-range IPLightSerdes[TM] and PLLs, eight XFI interfaces, and offer new G.
The CS4323 supports XFI, while the CS4322 supports RXAUI and XAUI host interfaces, making it interoperable with a wide variety of ASICs and FPGAs.
NetLogic Microsystems' portfolio of devices supports 10Gbps SFI-to-XFI, SFI-to-XAUI and RXAUI, nPPI to nAUI, 10GBASE-KR and KR4 to XFI, XAUI and RXAUI, and XLAUI and CAUI to MLD.
To enable next generation 10G, 40G, and 100G networks from routers to NIC cards to storage boxes, Cortina has integrated features such as MAC Security and IEEE 1588 v2, and support for RXAUI, XFI, and nAUI host interfaces, as well as all line-side optical and copper interface types into the CS4317 device.