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XFLXinhua Finance Limited (China)
XFLShawinigan, Quebec, Canada - Shawinigan / via Rail Service (Airport Code)
XFLX-Treme Football League
XFLExit Flight Level
XFLX Football League
XFLExtended Formula Language
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A cryptic tweet Manziel sent during McMahon's XFL announcement press conference hinted at his desire to play in the new league and went viral.
The new XFL will kick off in 2020, and quite frankly, we're going to give the game of football back to fans," the 72-year-old McMahon announced during a news conference before taking questions from the media.
I think the most important thing that we learned with the older XFL and now the new XFL is the quality of play.
Novelis, a company involved in aluminium rolling and recycling, is providing aluminium solutions for the all-new Jaguar XFL, the first Jaguar model from Chery Jaguar Land Rover Automotive Co.
Special features on the XFL include Clear Exit Detection which can warn passengers of approaching traffic if they are about to open their door.
Oh, and more difference with the XFL, they are going to have a second year.
Reportedly, XFL licensees were told at a meeting earlier in the week that all systems were go for next season, but a sudden collapse of broadcast negotiations with UPN forced WWFE and partner NBC Sports to pull the plug.
In a conference call last week with reporters, Vince McMahon, chairman of the WWF, said the failure to get UPN to carry XFL games for a second year was "the straw that broke the camel's back.
The brainchild of Vince McMahon, the billionaire owner and ringmaster of the WWF wrestling events, XFL is the hardcore alternative to the NFL he thinks has become too soft and pompous.
That's Vince McMahon's recipe for his new football league, the XFL.
Full support for XFL, which is expected in the coming months, will allow these two audiences to collaborate in ways they haven't been able to before.
The XFL (which McMahon once jokingly said stood for "Xtra Fun League") was announced in 1999 and began play in 2001.