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XFormsExtensible Markup Language Forms
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In connection to syntactic interoperability our focus was related toward making use of open standards for data exchange such as XML, XForms and JSON.
Since XForms can directly apply Schema constraints directly to form data, system integrators have a powerful tool to catch "bad data" at the source, before it spreads to other systems.
XForms is designed to enable today's web browsers to interpret XML data easily and effectively, providing developers with a transparent, easy-to-use interface for exporting, importing and working with XML data within a web browser.
OpenOffice supports several other XML standards, such as SVG for graphics and XForms for forms.
0, the web accessibility initiative guidelines, XForms and XLink, and provides tutorials for building a standards-compliant web page using each standard.
Unlike Microsoft SharePoint, Alfresco Content Services for Lotus delivers an economical, scalable and open platform while allowing flexible access for programmers to extend the integration from Lotus Notes, Domino, XPage and Portal applications using a wide choice of languages, APIs, protocols and services, including Java, JavaScript, JSP, PHP, CMIS, JSR 168k CIFS, IMAP, JCR, WebDAV, FTP, NFS, SMTP, XForms, SOAP, and .
StarOffice exports directly to Acrobat PDF, Microsoft Office formats, and supports the W3C standard XForms.
Other topics include Taguchi-based metrics for software quality, automatic generation of XForms code using DTD, generation of 3D facial expressions using 2D facial images, and performance estimations of clustered workflow architectures.
In keeping with Thunderhead's XML heritage, Interview Now is based on XForms, an XML-based standard for the specification of user interfaces and processing of XML data.
OpenOffice supports the XML standard for forms, XForms, and can take advantage of other XML standards such as SVG or Dublin Core.
LiquidOffice works with any XML schema, emphasizing W3C standard XForms.
0 has been to keep it as generic as possible, reusing applicable XML standards, including XForms, XML Base, and XML Events, instead of HTML features that served similar purposes.