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Of these 33 cases were diagnosed as XGC, other cases included the cases of chronic cholecystitis (which formed the bulk), empyema and acute on chronic cholecystitis with few cases of carcinoma.
Most of the cases of XGC were identified by histopathological examination of cholecystectomy specimen.
The diagnosis of XGC remains challenging to clinicians and radiologists.
It is difficult to diagnose XGC preoperatively or intra-operatively, even if accepting CT examination.
The mean age of the other 2 patients with IBD and XGC was 50; both of these cases were treated with partial cystectomy and in 1 case the patient remained disease-free for more than 15 years.
The association between IBD and xanthogranulomatous cystitis supports the theory that XGC is a consequence of chronic inflammation and altered regulation of the immune response.
This case of XGC associated with IBD supports the theory that XGC may be a result of an immunological disorder.
XGC is an unusual inflammatory disease of the gallbladder manifested by abnormal thickening of the wall.
The clinical importance of XGC lies in the fact that it can be confused radiologically with a gallbladder carcinoma.
FNAC plays an important role in making the preoperative diagnosis of adenocarcinoma and XGC.
Purchases will continue from March 2014, subject to three months' cancellation notice by either Chelopech or XGC.
Specifically, EMED Mining's subsidiary, EMED Marketing Limited, has granted XGC off-take rights over 25% of current reported copper reserves, at market prices.