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XHRExtra High Resolution
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Clear Lexan XHR sheet series, a lightweight engineered thermoplastic material, was developed in response to the airline industry's ongoing desire for a transparent material that would help to differentiate cabin interior designs.
The new availability of Lexan XHR sheet can help our aerospace customers solve their most pressing FST, design and performance needs and marks the debut of a new industry standard that will clearly make major contributions to the future of aircraft interior design," said General Manager at SABIC, Jack Govers.
The Verios is the second generation of FEI's leading XHR SEM family.
The most exciting introduction in this area was FEI's Magellan XHR scanning electron microscope (SEM).
He is thought to be in his red Citroen Xsara Picasso, registration NX56 XHR.
XMLHttpRequest (XHR): The XHR is fundamental to all Ajax approaches, and the basic mechanism itself does not introduce additional security concerns as it inherits the same privileges as the initial HTTP request.
I purchased a new Xantrex XHR 33-33 to replace my old Motorola power supply.
The stimuli were displayed on a 19-inch monochrome Eizo-Flexscan 1900 monitor with a PDS paper-white phosphor that was controlled by an Elsa XHR Gemini 10-138 video graphics adapter run by an IBM compatible personal computer.
On the innovation side, Sabic announced it is expanding its Lexan XHR sheet portfolio for aircraft interiors with the introduction of lightweight Lexan XHR light sheet including two grades XHRL300 and XHRL200.
Delivering opportunities for aircraft OEMs to meet the critical challenges of weight-out, regulatory compliance, sustainability and improved flying experience, Sabic has expanded its Lexan XHR film and sheet portfolio with velvety texture aesthetic and co-extruded opaque sheet grades, as well as multilayer lamination film grades for aircraft interior applications.
Another high-tech SABIC product - Lexan XHR (extremely low heat release) 6000 sheet -provides superior weight-out of up to 12 percent vs.