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XKMSXML (Extensible Markup Language) Key Management Specification (World Wide Web Consortium)
XKMSXML (Extensible Markup Language) Key Management System (World Wide Web Consortium)
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It supports all the relevant standards, including HTTP, HTTPS (SSL), XML Signature, XML Encryption, WS-Security, XKMS, X.
WSM supports WS-Security, XML Encryption, XML Signature, SAML, XKMS, X.
XKMS is designed to simplify the integration of PKI and digital certificates to enable authentication, digital signature, and encryption services, such as certificate processing and revocation status-checking, without the complications historically associated with proprietary PKI software toolkits.
In this way, XKMS aims to simplify application security by moving digital-signature handling and encryption out of the applications themselves and provide PKI as an easy-to-use Web service.
XKMS will form a fundamental piece of the infrastructure to enable the offload of PKI processing from the developer and their applications in a secure way, even for small devices," said Shivaram Mysore, Chair of the W3C XKMS Working Group.
See 2003 announcement: DataPower Announces XKMS Support for its XS40 XML Security Gateway, Enables Interoperability with Managed PKI Services and Systems (http://www.
0, SAML, XACML, XPath, XKMS, WSDM, SSL, LDAP, and RADIUS), and best-of-breed integration with existing security, management and application infrastructures.
DataPower is the only XML firewall/gateway solution to long support SAML, WS-Security, SSL Acceleration, XML Encryption, XML-DSIG, RADIUS, LDAP, XKMS and on-board policy control; now DataPower's enhanced SAML support and deep, field-proven integration with all major identity management vendors (See related announcement links) including:
DataPower is the only XML firewall/gateway solution to long support SAML, RADIUS, LDAP, XKMS and on-board policy control, and now DataPower's integration with IBM Tivoli Access Manager for granular authentication and authorization policies to Web services highlights DataPower's continued leadership and the XS40's most comprehensive XML Web service security features.
The Passport Provisioning Server supports the XKMS protocol standard to perform key management operations with mobile devices.
Other features include leading integration with system management solutions including Computer Associates' Unicenter Web Services Distributed Management (WSDM), intelligent traffic management vendors including F5 Networks and Redline Networks, identity management systems including Netegrity and Oblix, as well as the most complete support for recommended XML Web services standards like WS-Security, SAML, XACML, XKMS along with SSL acceleration, service virtualization, and centralized policy management, LDAP and RADIUS compliance and wirespeed XML/SOAP routing.