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XLIFFXML Localization Interchange File Format
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XLIFF presents the results of those operations without showing the complex structural formatting underlying the text that is displayed.
Sun Open Language Tool: Comprised of a XLIFF editor (tailor-made application for translating the contents of XLIFF files) and XLIFF filters (application used to read the source file, separate the translatable portions and write out an XML file that conforms to the XLIFF specification).
Transolution XLIFF editor: Computer-assisted translation suite supporting the XLIFF standard.
It provides publishers with a standard data interchange container that can be understood by any localization provider," noted Tony Jewtushenko, who co-chairs the OASIS XLIFF Technical Committee with Bryan Schnabel.
With XLIFF, we have an open standard that is efficient, predictable, and transferable for tool makers and localization service providers, as well as for content owners.
Adams Globalization is a leading provider of software localization and internationalization, software language and functional testing, technical document translation, web site globalization, locale-specific desktop publishing, content management, and XLIFF (XML Localization Interchange File Format) migration services.
Adobe[R] Captivate[TM] also offers localization support with XML export and import functionality; export captions to a text or XLIFF file to then import the translations into the original project file.
The product sets a precedent in its strong support of standards such as TMX and XLIFF and its integratability into any Translation Management System, as well as allowing the exchange of TMs without loss of vital information.
0 was developed in liaison with some of the leading standardization efforts in the localization industry such as the XLIFF TC in OASIS, and the OSCAR SIG at LISA.
NET provides a complete platform for managing multilingual web content and sites, including native support for the XLIFF file format - an increasingly important localization standard - and integration with popular software tools, to make life easier for end clients and their GILT service providers.
Working together with industry leaders and industry organizations gives TC members the opportunity to learn from one another's strengths and to combine knowledge and know-how to create workable non-proprietary standards not only for Web information flow, but also other TCs such as the XLIFF (XML Localization Interchange File Format) group.
Tony Jewtushenko of Oracle, chair of the OASIS XLIFF Technical Committee explained the relationship, "The OASIS Translation Web Services Technical Committee will define standard interfaces between the disparate actors that work together in a distributed software localization process.