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XLPX-Linked Lymphoproliferative Syndrome
XLPCrosslinked Polyethylene
XLPXypoint Location Platform
XLPExtended Life Program
XLPLiterate Programming in XML
XLPExtra Low Pulse
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These benchmarks validate our initial estimates that the XLP processor's powerful quad-issue, quad-threaded CPU, running at 2.
Designed in TSMC's advanced 40nm process, the XLP family of multi-core processors is optimized to deliver unparalleled data plane and control plane performance, as well as the ability to support billions of in-flight messages and packet descriptors.
Inside the church William and Kate, who wore a pink fuchsia Burberry coat, had watched acts who had all successfully completed an arts programme run by XLP.
Patrick Regan, Founder of XLP, said: 'The biggest issue with girls and gangs is that we simply don't know the full extent of what is going on.
Little Dylan Williams, of Waunfawr suffers from XLP, an extremely rare disease, which affects his immune system.
Building on the architecture of the firm's digEplayer XT, the new digEplayer XLP (extra long play) sports a similar case design as its predecessor.
Microchip Technology (Chandler, AZ) announces its next-generation low-power PIC microcontroller (MCU) families with nanoWatt XLP eXtreme Low Power Technology.
Generous Jen gave up a whole 24 hours to take part in a gruelling sponsored bounce for London-based Christian charity XLP.
The adoption of SpheRx II, DBR II and XLP Lateral Plate has strengthened our MAS platform since mid-year," said Alex Lukianov, chairman and CEO.
XLP, also known as Duncan's syndrome, is an inherited genetic defect that causes immune system dysfunction in response to some viral infections.
The Permasert XLP, used to join PE to PE gas mains, in now offered in 2-inch to 8-inch IPS sizes; the Permasert XLS, used to join PE to steel mains is offered in 2- to 6-inch IPS sizes; the Permasert XLPVC, used to join PE to PVC mains, is available in 2- and 4-inch IPS sizes; and the Permasert XLC, used to join PE to cast iron mains, is available in 2-inch IPS, 4-inch IPS and 6-inch IPS sizes.
Domino's has introduced the XLP (extra-large pizza).