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XLPX-Linked Lymphoproliferative Syndrome
XLPCrosslinked Polyethylene
XLPXypoint Location Platform
XLPExtended Life Program
XLPLiterate Programming in XML
XLPExtra Low Pulse
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Inside the church William and Kate, who wore a pink fuchsia Burberry coat, had watched acts who had all successfully completed an arts programme run by XLP.
Patrick Regan, Founder of XLP, said: 'The biggest issue with girls and gangs is that we simply don't know the full extent of what is going on.
Our XLP, XLR, and XLS multi-core processor families continue to lead the industry in performance, functionality and power profile," said Chris O'Reilly, vice president of marketing at NetLogic Microsystems.
XLP as a genetic disease was only recognised in 1997 so there's still a lot to learn about it.
And each teenager took their turn throughout the day and night to help raise funds for XLP - which operates in more than 30 schools and communities.
Due to the severe clinical manifestations found in XLP patients, intense efforts had recently focused on elucidating the signaling mechanism used by SAP to regulate in cells involved in immune surveillance against cancers.
The Permasert XLP, used to join PE to PE gas mains, in now offered in 2-inch to 8-inch IPS sizes; the Permasert XLS, used to join PE to steel mains is offered in 2- to 6-inch IPS sizes; the Permasert XLPVC, used to join PE to PVC mains, is available in 2- and 4-inch IPS sizes; and the Permasert XLC, used to join PE to cast iron mains, is available in 2-inch IPS, 4-inch IPS and 6-inch IPS sizes.
Domino's has introduced the XLP (extra-large pizza).
Axsun Technologies introduced the IntegraSpec XLP NIR (Near Infrared) system, which is designed for process applications, specifically continuous quality monitoring.
A transplant is the only treatment for XLP and the couple were optimistic for Dean after their only healthy son Scott aged four, was found to be a perfect match.
These new 28-pin MCUs offer a combination of advanced digital and analog peripherals, along with XLP for the extended battery life that many applications require.