XMHX Windows Mail Handler
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Elvin Tan Tin Yeow, chairman and CEO of XMH stated: After conducting a comprehensive due diligence exercise, we are convinced that the acquisition of Z-Power will provide XMH with a very good opportunity to acquire a profitable entity.
Also, Tan considers that the purchase would deliver a platform for XMH to tap on Z-Power s inherent technical knowledge and capabilities and gradually implement them into XMH because of the usage of control systems and switchboards in marine applications.
In addition to electron and ion columns, the FERA3 XMH Plasma FIB-FESEM can be configured with gas injection systems, nano- manipulators, and a wide variety of detectors including SE detector, BSE detector, SI (Secondary Ion) detector, CL (Cathodoluminescence) detector, EDX, and EBSD microanalyzers, etc.
For this reason the FERA 3 XMH is well suited for applications requiring the removal of large volumes of material, particularly in the semiconductor packaging corridor where TSV technology is being utilized.