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XMLExtensible Markup Language
XMLX-Men Legends (video games)
XMLXperimental Markup Language (Chemical Markup Language)
XMLXeno Medical Ltd. (UK)
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The XS40 is the only device to integrate XML/SOAP filtering, encryption, digital signatures, and data validation at the message level or at the XML field level.
XML and Form Design--Not Yet: Some companies have introduced XML-based forms solutions that they claim to be standards-based.
The advantages of XML document content management seem so overwhelming that many organizations are moving rapidly to embrace it.
Supported by all major database systems, XML provides an easy, standardized method of transferring data between databases and to and from the Web, independent of the software in use
To ease processing, XML has several internal mechanisms that insure the structure of an XML document: document type definitions (DTDs), XML schemas, and XML namespaces.
The XML Schema specification consists of three parts.
Work is already underway on the announced deep integration of Altova's XML, data management, and Web services tools with the IBM DB2 9 pureXML data server, and the first related product enhancements are expected to emerge from Altova product development and quality assurance in early 2007.
But an ODBMS (object database management system) can use an XML linking mechanism to bind a BLOB with a set of descriptive XML metadata, rendering it readable to the database without the need for conversion.
The new family of XML appliances helps address the key pain points we see.
Stylus Studio 2007 XML Enterprise Suite takes XML application development to the next level, providing an intuitive and productive environment for building complete XML applications, including modeling, editing, debugging, and deploying an entire XML application, thus making the Stylus Studio product the world's first truly integrated XML Application Development Environment.