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XMLExtensible Markup Language
XMLX-Men Legends (video games)
XMLXperimental Markup Language (Chemical Markup Language)
XMLXeno Medical Ltd. (UK)
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A single XS40 securely enables multiple applications without changing their code, and easily reconfigures to support future versions of XML security standards, to protect against yet-unknown threats or to enforce new corporate policies.
This article will discuss what differentiates one flavor of XML from another and the standardization efforts leading the way toward universal XML formats that can be used across various eForm business applications.
Instead of being presentation oriented, as with HTML (in browsers) and PDF (in print and viewed by Acrobat Reader), XML enhances document content management while still enabling a variety of software programs to handle presentation and publication.
Using XML to work with data tables in Oracle, SQL Server, and DB2
XML also supplies the ability to embed business descriptors along with raw data, thereby providing a common format for businesses to exchange information over the Internet.
By bringing datatypes to XML, XML Schema increases XML's power and utility to the developers of electronic commerce systems, database authors and anyone interested in using and manipulating large volumes of data on the Web.
Altova and IBM share thousands upon thousands of mutual customers, and this partnership is designed to provide them - and anyone needing to access, utilize, or store XML content - with the best possible XML / data server solution," said Tim Hale, Director of Marketing for Altova.
XML repositories can allow on-line stores to present product information in a standard, structured format, independent of page design.
Altova XMLSpy is the world's best-selling XML editor and the industry standard XML development environment for modeling, editing, transforming, and debugging XML-related technologies.
The use of XML data in the enterprise is increasing exponentially.
We congratulate Michael and Norm on winning this year's XML Cup," says Lauren Wood, senior technical program manager at Sun Microsystems and XML 2005 Conference chair.
The new XML authoring panel session will feature vendors and experts demonstrating traditional and alternative XML tools and environments.