XMLCExtensible Markup Language Compiler
XMLCXenogeneic Mixed Lymphocyte Culture
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Enhydra XMLC is a Lutris Open Source technology for building Web application presentations based on the Internet standard XML.
It's proof that Enhydra and XMLC deliver the features to develop and deploy revolutionary applications.
By utilizing Enhydra XMLC, we eliminate the need to build separate presentation templates for all devices we support.
NOTE: Lutris, Enhydra, and XMLC are trademarks of Lutris Technologies.
Enhydra XMLC helps lay the foundation for the next generation of Internet application design and development tools.
XMLC allows each group to concentrate on their respective tasks and strengths and even to implement major changes without delaying or breaking the other groups' work.
Enhydra XMLC separates HTML design and coding from business logic, allowing interface designers and Java programmers to work simultaneously yet independently.
0 includes a number of enhancements to its unique and highly regarded Enhydra XMLC technology, including support for building wireless applications for delivery on cell phones and PDAs.
Dynamic Enhydra XMLC loading, cookieless sessions, and many, many more.
In keeping with the Enhydra design philosophy of supporting best-of-breed development tools, the inclusion of JBuilder Foundation will help developers be more productive and more easily leverage our unique XMLC technology from within JBuilder.
The XMLC Wizard walks developers through the process of targeting the HTML or XML files they want to compile, compiling the files, and then reviewing the compiled output and trace logs, all within the JBuilder environment.