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Web remoting with XMLHttpRequest and Frames -- To provide a continous experience, Ajax applications talk back and forth to the server without actually submitting a form and redrawing the page.
It's actually possible to configure XMLHttpRequest to make synchronous calls, but poor practice as it holds up the user.
XMLHttpRequest object provides an asynchronous connection between two parties that is, user is not supposed to wait for the reply of the request sent back and only related portions of the web page is refreshed instead of entire page[8].
8] Nilayan Sharma(2005), Snappier Web Applications with XMLHttpRequest, April.
Microsoft's early form used a dedicated Java applet, preceding development of the XMLHttpRequest method that is used in Ajax applications today.
JS-Sorcerer enables developers to write cross-browser code by making use of a standard interface to JavaScript (ECMAScript), W3C DOM, and XMLHttpRequest (AJAX) objects.
He covers the types of web pages, the basics of Ajax, HTML/XHTML, JavaScript, Ajax using HTML and JavaScript, XML, XMLHttpRequest, Ajax using XML and XMLHttpRequest, Ajax using XSLT, reusing code, exploiting Ruby on Rails and making best use of the essential cross-browser HTML DOM.
JS-Sorcerer enables developers to write cross-browser code by making use of a standard interface to ECMAScript, W3C DOM, and XMLHttpRequest (AJAX) objects.
Intended for experienced web developers, this guide explains XMLHttpRequest object's properties and methods, how it communicates with the server, and techniques for adding Ajax to an application.
The session beans appear as simple JavaScript objects to the JavaScript developer, hiding the complexity of XML-based serialization and the XMLHttpRequest API.
After briefly introducing HTML, HTTP, JavaScript, PHP, and XML, this tutorial demonstrates how to build asynchronous JavaScript and XML (Ajax) applications for the internet, defines the properties and methods of the XMLHTTPRequest object, and discusses web services with the REST and SOAP protocols.
We also knew that we needed to have a much richer user experience than that provided by Ajax and XmlHttpRequests.