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XMMExtended Memory Manager
XMMHigh Throughput X-Ray Spectroscopy Mission
XMMX-Ray Multi-Mirror observatory (European Space Telescope)
XMMXRay Multimirror (telescope)
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The company introduced its upcoming range of commercial 5G modems, including the XMM 8000 series -- Intels first family of 5G radio multi-mode commercial modems -- in November 2017.
The company plans to make this possible using the same Intel XMM 8000 series modem along with Speadtrum's application processor, according to (http://www.
commercial modems, and the company's latest LTE modem, the Intel XMM 7660.
The Lenovo P90 is the first smartphone to utilize the combination of the newest 64-bit Intel Atom Z3560 processor with Intel's 5-mode XMM 7262 modem.
The proposed novelty detection monitoring approach has been successfully validated with XMM anomalies, finding them before they were triggered by the out-of-limits alarms, sometimes as early as two months in advance.
Our Intel XMM 7160 modem is also providing consumers the option of ultra- fast 4G connectivity for their tablets, said Erik Reid, vice president of Intel Mobile and Communications Group and general manager of the Tablet Business Unit.
Intel said that its XMM 7160 is one of the world's smallest and lowest-power multimode-multiband LTE solutions.
Topics include 80x86 integer representations, memory addressing, and registers; assembly language syntax; opcodes and instruction formats; data copy, Boolean, shift and rotate, and unconditional and conditional jump instructions; integer addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division instructions; the 80x86 stack and push and pop instructions; subroutine linkage using standard protocols and call and return instructions; and floating point and XMM registers and instructions.
Prior to its sale, Astrium's wheel business had supplied devices into the European Space Agency's Olympus communications satellite and Soho, XMM, Integral and Rosetta scientific missions; Canada's Radarsat 1; the UK's Skynet 4 military communications satellite; and the Orbital Science Corp.
The first pictures from the XMM Newton Observatory landed on Earth yesterday and show this galaxy and neighbouring ones in more detail than before.
It also supports the Intel[R] XMM 6265 3G HSPA+ modem with Dual-SIM 2G/3G, offering flexibility on data/voice calling plans to save on costs.
According to the chip maker, highlights include the introduction of the Intel XMM 8000 series, Intel's first family of 5G new radio multi-mode commercial modems, and the company's latest LTE modem, the Intel XMM 7660.