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XMM-NewtonX-Ray Multi-Mirror Mission
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First, using X-ray data from the star, recorded by XMM-Newton, the researchers concluded RZ Piscium is a young star.
found a spike of intensity at a very specific energy in Chandra and XMM-Newton observations of the hot gas in the Perseus galaxy cluster.
To understand how the X-ray aurora are produced, the team hope to combine the X-ray aurora information gathered using XMM-Newton and Chandra with data collected by Juno as it explores the regions producing Jupiters aurora.
The SXDS project was conducted by collaboration between the Subaru observatory and the XMM-Newton survey science center.
To prove the feasibility of the monitoring paradigm with novelty detection we applied it to an already documented anomaly that the ESA satellite XMM-Newton experienced in 2009 and checked when the novelty detection prototype would have been able to detect the anomaly.
Por supuesto que resulta prematuro calificar la mision como exitosa, pero ya lo es, por lo menos de forma parcial, independientemente del resultado de las observaciones que ya estan realizando mas de 30 observatorios en todo el mundo y los telescopios espaciales Hubble, Chandra y Spitzer, asi como el recien activado Satelite Astronomico de Onda Submilimetrica, el observatorio XMM-Newton de rayos X, de la Agencia Espacial Europea y la sonda Rosetta.
ESA has had many successful missions recently, including the XMM-Newton, Envisat and Rosetta.
Chandra, XMM-Newton and Astro E, since it contains the largest collection of data available on soft x-ray transitions.
She has published more than 150 scientific papers and was co-principal investigator for a telescope experiment that is currently flying on the satellite XMM-Newton, a cornerstone mission of the European Space Agency.
Using data from the European Space Agency's XMM-Newton and NASA's Chandra X-ray observatories, scientists realized that the aurora on the Jovian south pole pulse regularly, every 11 minutes while those at Jupiter's north pole behaved erratically, brightening and diminishing completely independently of their south pole counterparts.
HXMT joins a cohort of X-ray observatories circling Earth, including NASA's Chandra and NuSTAR and the European Space Agency's XMM-Newton.