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XMTChristmas Tree
XMTeXtensible MPEG-4 Textual format (Working Draft 3.0 of ISO/IEC 14496-1 / AMD3)
XMTX-Ray Microtomography
XMTExplicit Multi-Threading
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The company said that CAHPC is the first facility in the USA, outside of a federal laboratory or academic facility, to house a Cray XMT supercomputer.
Latency hiding (coupled with other hardware features) is the motivation for massive threading models in the Cray XMT (formerly Eldorado and follow-on to the MTA-2) architecture.
XMT Produccion Materiales de construccion Activa Sanitaria.
The Panda XMT engine showcases its excellent capabilities in the latest comparative tests conducted by independent laboratories such as AV-Comparatives, AV-TEST and Virus Bulletin where Panda Security achieved the best scores in detection, protection, usability and resource use.
Supercomputer company Cray Inc (Nasdaq:CRAY) has been awarded a contract by the Swiss National Supercomputing Centre (CSCS) in Manno, Switzerland for a next-generation Cray XMT supercomputer.
Using the XMT results, 3-D images of the whole skull were reconstructed for all animals.
Future Cray architectures, like the Cray XMT (also known as "Eldorado") scalable multithreaded system with advanced compiler technologies, are expected to offer excellent support for the latency hiding and fine-grain parallelism lacking in traditional architectures.
Currently they use three XMT 304 CC/CV machines and one new XMT 350 CC/CV inverter featuring Auto-Line[TM] primary power management technology (see sidebar).
After operators check the fit up, eight welding heads with welding power supplied by XMT 304 inverters weld an internal root pass.
The results from both these labs are based on tests carried out on products based on the new XMT (Extreme Malware Terminator) Smart Engineering engine from Panda Security.
Miller will introduce new and specialized equipment, conduct live welding demos and highlight the newest welding innovations designed specifically for the construction industry, such as the XMT WCC System, which matches an XMT 350 or XMT 456 multiprocess welding inverter with a voltage-sensing SuitCase X-TREME wire feeder and WCC Control to allow welders to control voltage settings at the point of use without an extra control cable.
Keywords: cellular food products, hydration, microstructure, X-ray microtomography ([micro]CT), XRT, XMT.