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XMAXExcursion Maximum (speakers)
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xMax is a secure, rapid-deploy mobile broadband system that delivers mission-assured wireless connectivity in demanding operating environments.
xMax was conceived with the goal of providing continuity of operations, regardless of wireless conditions or adverse events that could threaten the integrity of communications.
Under this order, the products included are xMax access points as well as fixed and mobile hotspot devices.
Once the angle is chosen, using the maximum value of the interval from the user input, we can calculate the new xMax and yMax which are the end coordinates of the interval using the following equations:
We fully support the PCAST recommendations and welcome the opportunity to apply our xMax cognitive radio innovations to the capacity challenges our industry faces," said John Coleman, chief executive officer of xG.
Her litter-brother Xmax Ayam Zaman won an eightbend pounds 750 Romford final, set a 737m Swindon record and ran third in the Coronation Cup.
XMAX - XMetaL for ActiveX: Enable business users to contribute content anytime, anywhere by embedding XML authoring into any application
Por tanto, el punto Xmax de dicha figura representa el nivel de produccion optimo, que en lo sucesivo se denominara optimo privado.
THE new XMAX isn't a giant cinema, it's Yamaha's latest 250cc scooter.
For this particular list of data, we have set Xmin = -1, Xmax = 8, Ymin = -1, Ymax = 20, and Yscl = 1.
This advance in performance is primarily due to three factors, each of which results in an increase in the amount of air the subwoofer can move: the square cone area (or Sd) for a given size baffle is 16 - 20% greater than typical round cones; increasing the Xmax -- the distance the cone can move in one direction -- gives the L7s 24 - 49% more Xmax than previous models; and gains in Vmax (Vmax = Sd x Xmax) greatly increase the amount of air that the speaker can move.
where Xmin, Xmax, Ymin, and Ymax are the extrema of the nodal coordinates, so that (x, y) [element of] [Xmin,Xmax] implies p, q) [element of] [0, [Pi]] x [0, [Pi]].