XMuLVXenotropic Murine Leukemia Virus
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Stock viruses were prepared by infection of baby hamster kidney cells for PRY, infection of Madin Darby bovine kidney cells for BVD, and infection of chronically infected mink lung cells for XMuLV For each virus, the cytotoxicity and potential interference with the infectivity assay were determined.
Characterization of Model Viruses Used in Virus Validation Studies Virus Genome Enveloped Family BPV DNA No Parvo XMuLV RNA Yes Retro PRV DNA Yes Herpes BVDV RNA Yes Flavi Resistance to Physicochemical Virus Size (nm) Reagents BPV 20-25 High XMuLV 80-100 Low PRV 150-200 Medium BVDV 40-70 Medium BPV = bovine parvovirus; XMuLV = xenotropic murine leukemia virus; PRV = pseudorabies virus; BVDV = bovine viral diarrhea virus Table 2.