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XNANorthwest Arkansas Regional Airport (airport code)
XNAXinhua News Agency
XNAXbox/DirectX New generation Architecture
XNAXNA's Not Acronymed (Microsoft)
XNAXerox Network Architecture
XNACross-Section Next-Generation Architecture (Microsoft DirectX)
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Getting the six new molecules, collectively called XNAs, to replicate is a major technological advance that could lead to all sorts of new drugs, sensors and diagnostic devices.
85) XNA, "China's Latest Space Mission Finishes Rehearsal," SpaceDaily.
Last month Canalside team Black Banshee won 'best art' for its game Squniverse at Microsoft XNA Game Camp in Birmingham.
Available at Microsoft'sAaWindows PhoneAaWeb page,Aatools are being offered as a preview and include Visual Studio 2010 Express for Windows Phone, Windows 7 Series Add-in for Visual Studio, Windows Phone 7 Series emulator and XNA Game Studio 4.
XNA Game Studio Express will be available for free to anyone with a Windows(R) XP-based PC and will provide them with Microsoft's next-generation platform for game development.
Allard, corporate vice president and chief XNA architect of Microsoft.
It successfully portrayed itself as the victim of a massive attack by the XNA.
Thermo Hybaid released its affinity array biochip XNA on Gold in kit format .
is an expedited screening program that allows select XNA flyers to leave on their shoes, light outerwear and belt, keep their laptop in its case and keep 3-1-1 compliant liquids/gels in a carry-on bag.
Programming Windows Phone 7; Microsoft XNA Framework edition.
Three Brazilian game developers explain how to build a 2D rock collision game in Microsoft's XNA Game Studio, add network support for a multiplayer online version of the game, and create a Zune version of the game.