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XNFXilinx Netlist Format
XNFStandard Network File
XNFXilinx Netlist Format (Xilinx, Inc.)
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Thus, although it is in XNF it is not clear whether there exists another XNF reformulation of [S.
the XNF is restricted to the subtree determined by this context path.
Satisfaction of this condition is the prerequisite to obtain an XML schema in absolute XNF in the next step.
The DA algorithm [1] is applied to obtain the final XNF schema.
3 and DA, the transformation of ER into XNF is realized in the following two steps:
Applying the above steps to the ER schema from Figure 12 gives the XML schema in XNF depicted in Figure 15 and its instance in Figure 16.
XNF objects may be combined, proejcted, and restricted.
To process XNF queries, Starburst's extensible query processor also had to be extended.
Recently, we have implemented techniques for updating XNF views, including those containing joins [55]; similar techniques were independently developed in [9].
Figure 5 shows the pointer structure maintained by an example IMS attachment that would be useful for evaluating our XNF example, in which the Departments table is the parent table and the Employees table is the child table.
Alert solves this dilemma by allowing a method on any application-specific object (including a view or XNF view (see the section "Complex Objects") to specify any event(s) that will trigger an Alert rule (e.