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XOOPSExtensible Object Oriented Portal System (web content management system)
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Operating costs can be reduced because XOOPS and supporting applications are available as open source softwares.
Modules can be easily installed, uninstalled, activated, or deactivated using the XOOPS module administration system.
An active XOOPS community around the world supports for localization to multi-byte languages, including Japanese, Chinese, Korean, etc.
The XooNIps module is at the same functional level as other XOOPS general modules.
The installation requires just a copy of the XooNIps modules to be placed in the XOOPS modules directory which becomes visible for activation in the administration menu [9], [10].
The database moderator can create additional item types as an XOOPS module and install them in the system.
By adding XOOPS to our catalog, we continue to provide our customers a wide choice of solutions.
XOOPS is a truly international project, with hundreds of developers from around the world providing modules to extend the XOOPS capabilities.