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XOPXML-binary Optimized Packaging
XOPX-ray Oriented Programs
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Having a Flash enabled Smartphone allows him/her to use our web conferencing capability to share desktop, share documents and chat with our support center personnel,” said James Park, XOP Networks' Director of Worldwide Customer Support.
Android) that support Flash based media streaming,” said Sudhir Gupta, CEO XOP Networks.
Beginning in 2003, XOP Networks embarked on developing a next generation IP based service and application platform.
This new facility, combined with additional shipping and receiving personnel will ensure that we are able to meet the increased demand for our Foamazol(TM), Foamazol(TM) XO, and Foamazol(TM) XOP chemical foaming agent products.
Bergen International's Foamazol(TM), Foamazol(TM) XO, and Foamazol(TM) XOP chemical foaming agents are available for use in most plastic applications such as pipe, profile and sheet extrusion; injection, structural foam, and rotational molding; blown and extruded films; wire and cable extrusion; blow molded containers; polypropylene ribbon extrusion and others.
1 and XOP optimizations; rewritten AES data encryption benchmark with AESNI, SSE4.
XOP Allows Efficient Encoding of Binary Data in XML
XOP works at the XML Information Set (Infoset) level, allowing the same abstract representation of a XML document to be serialized in different ways.
The Message Transmission Optimization Mechanism (MTOM) uses the features provided by XOP to address SOAP messages.
XOP offers developers a standard approach to incorporating heterogeneous data in XML documents with minimal storage and bandwidth requirements.
One way we do that is through our standards leadership efforts, including this recent work on XOP, MTOM and RRSHB, which optimizes the performance of SOAP 1.