XP4Xeroderma pigmentosum IV (genetic disease)
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Figure 6 Differences in Benefits Offered P4 XP4 100% of Individual Medical Paid by Firm 80% 100% 100% of Family Medical Paid by Firm 0% 40% Retirement Plan with Matching 80% 100% Flex Time Policy 100% 20% Open Vacation 100% 0% Six or More Lifestyle Benefits Offered 100% 20% Average Days Taken Off Per Year Per Employee 14.
Figure 7 Providing the Tools for Employees to Succeed P4 XP4 Provide Laptops 100% 20% Hired Tech Consultant 100% 20% Have Technology Escrows 80% 0% Employee Technology Rating (5 Best Technology; 1 Worst 4.
XP4 in a PXIe hybrid slot duplicates the power, trigger bus, star trigger, and 10-MHz clock signals defined in PXI-1 but does not support the reserved pins on J2 used for 64-bit transfers and the local bus.