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XPFComptoirs Francais du Pacifique Franc (ISO currency code, New Caledonia / Wallis & Futuna Islands / French Polynesia)
XPFX Prize Foundation
XPFXenopsin Precursor Fragment (cell and tissue research)
XPFXeroderma Pigmentosum F (biochemistry)
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XPCP and XPF are entirely funded by its Team and its Venture Partners, and do not raise money from external individual investors.
These changes resulted in an architecture where a new layer (the SLIC) sits on the RISC hardware, and XPF sits on top of SLIC.
The integration of XPF has proven to be more difficult than anticipated, largely due to the numerous undocumented assumptions XPF makes about SLIC's entry points.
The LLC was originally introduced in a Letter of Intent executed between XPF and NASA's Centennial Challenges manager, Brant Sponberg, at the 2005 X PRIZE Cup.
The XPF was effectively commissioned and production capacity of 10 TJ/d was attained.
Objective: We conducted a case-control study by genotyping three potential functional SNPs to assess the association of Xeroderma pigmentosum complementation group F (XPF) polymorphisms with gastric cancer susceptibility, and role of XPF polymorphisms in combination with H.
In our preliminary study of human lymphocytes from individuals exposed to drinking water As, As exposure was correlated in a strongly dose-dependent manner to decreased expression of three nucleotide excision repair genes: ERCC1, XPB, and XPF (Andrew et al.
1] Antigen recognition Lys69Glu protein XPD (ERCC2) Nucleotide excision Lys751Gln repair (NER) enzyme system XPF NER multiple SNPs XRCC1 Base excision repair Arg399Gln APE1 Apurinic/apyrimidinic Asp148Glu endonuclease 1 ALAD [delta]-Aminolevulinic G177C acid dehydratase TLR4 Type I transmembrane A896G protein D299G TNF-[alpha] Cytokine G-308A 1999 Gene Effect of polymorphism References CYP1A1 Unknown Spurr et al.
Using the IBM Salutation Manager as a service broker, Salutation-enabled devices, applications, and services can discover and utilize one another's capabilities via Salutation protocols on NetBIOS, TCP/IP and XPF.
Treated gas from XPF will be delivered to the Parmelia pipeline for domestic consumption.
Two four-inch flowlines linking the well heads to a northern gathering manifold and a six-inch pipeline to transport the gas to XPF will be constructed for the project.
Treated gas from XPF will be carried to the Parmelia pipeline for local consumption.