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XPOExecutive Petty Officer (US Coast Guard)
XPOXternal Portable Office
XPOOperations Plans Officer (Wing)
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The combination is expected to create the third biggest North American provider of intermodal services and the top player in the cross-border Mexico market, XPO CEO Bradley Jacobs said previously.
The EEOC said XPO Last Mile violated federal law when it revoked its offer of employment because McCloud was unable to work on Rosh Hashanah.
According to Brad Jacobs, chairman and CEO of XPO Logistics, even though the truckload brokerage market remains fairly robust, the spot market in the second quarter was relatively soft--and still is.
The purchase price includes USD6 in cash and USD3 of XPO common stock for each Pacer share.
Ashfaque Chowdhury, PresidentSupply Chain, Americas and Asia Pacific for XPO Logistics, said, Weve been piloting StealthWrap over the last few months, and early results point to opportunities to create efficiencies, eliminate waste, mitigate damage and reduce costs.
The Missouri-based, XPO division, is the 19th-largest American carrier and a major provider of cross-border trucking services into Mexico.
Through the purchase, which was agreed earlier this month, the buyer builds a strong position in managed transportation and becomes the biggest manager of expedited shipments in North America, XPO Logistics said.
XPO CEO Bradley Jacobs, commented that the purchase of the biggest web-based expediter in North America would enable his company to enter the area of managed transportation.
Call toll-free from US/Canada: 1-888-396-2384 International callers: +1-617-847-8711 Passcode: XPO conference call Live webcast online at: www.
Supermarket retailer Asda has extended its long-term reverse logistics contract with XPO Logistics.
15 November 2013 - US transportation logistics services provider XPO Logistics Inc (NYSE:XPO) said today that it had purchased domestic sector player Optima Service Solutions LLC for USD26.