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XPPWindows XP Professional (Microsoft)
XPPXML Pull Parser
XPPExtreme Processor Platform
XPPXPML Page Parser
XPPXyvision Production Publisher
XPPXML for Publishers and Printers
XPPXyvision Parlance Publisher
XPPXML (Extensible Markup Language) Professional Publisher (Wakefield, MA)
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i], values of the XPP equation), the effects of these two molecular parameters on the extent of necking of the films is automatically reflected in the modeling.
A wide spectrum of package colors ranging from spring green XPP to silver black are available to help differentiate products on retail shelving.
Deal registration protection will also be available for XPP participants, as well as Market Development Fund (MDF) support for qualifying organizations to cover a variety of pre-approved sales and marketing activities, ranging from advertising to promotional campaigns and from training to unit seeding support.
Compared with XPP model, a nonlinear parameter [xi] is introduced so that a non-vanishing second normal stress difference is incorporated into DCPP model.
Also XPP model predicts fewer number of branches for the ICP-B (Table 5).
GPO had a comprehensive list of requirements and SDL XPP met them all in critical functional areas including content types, character formatting, layout and content linking.
In the case of the XPP model, since the [alpha] parameter has been found to have essentially no effect, it is set to 0 in our calculations.
The details of the differential constitutive equation of the XPP model and the procedure of determining model parameters, [[lambda].
The program also defines development guidelines for software providers who wish to support the Palladium XPP.
PACT XPP Technologies and ClearSpeed(TM) Technology -- to collaborate with Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and customers to determine the optimal accelerator choice for specific scientific disciplines.
Its XML content management software -- Content@ -- and its automated XML publishing engine -- XPP -- power sophisticated solutions for global leaders in the publishing, technical documentation, financial, government, and e-Learning arenas.
Structure's XPP STYROFOAM has a cellular structure that resists moisture, which can compromise the integrity and effectiveness of insulation products.