XPRExpress Request
XPRCross-Polarization Ratio
XPRXenopus Progesterone Receptor (biochemistry)
XPRExtreme Pattern Recognition (bioinformatics, chemometrics)
XPRX Public Relations (Santa Ana, CA)
XPRExternal Program Request
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Known as the XPC, this new rifle utilized the XPR push-feed action and mated it with a lightweight chassis and heavy barrel.
Interested banks hold a pool of XPR to fall back on for instant liquidity while managing transactions.
Caption: The XPR action is supported in an aluminum chassis to which the handguard and buttstock are attached.
Additionally, the Acer P8800 projector is also equipped with TI XPR technology, serving more than 8.
Time-height sections of vertically pointing (a) reflectivity factor and (b) radial velocity (vertical particle velocity, which is the sum of the vertical air motion and particle terminal fall speed) from the XPR on II Dec 2013 (IOP 2b).
The XPR Hunter features a polymer stock in Mossy Oak Break-Up Country Camo with textured panels.
Chemical composition of the steel was determined by optical emission analyzer Foundry-Master XPR.
where, XPR represents the cross-polarization ratio, [G.
See also Re XPR, [2000] CRDD No 322 (QL) (social group defined as "gender").
Hawker Beechcraft offers customized XPR upgrade packages for existing Hawker/Beechjet 400 owners as well as XPR Factory Completed Aircraft for those who do not currently own an aircraft.
Hawker Beechcraft added that existing Hawker/Beechjet 400 owners are offered customized XPR upgrade packages.