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XPTExpress Passenger Train (Melbourne-Sydney-Brisbane in Australia)
XPTX Point
XPTXperimental Puppetry Theater
XPTExternal Page Table
XPTAccelerated Purge and Trap (Teledyne)
XPTXul-5-P/Phosphate Translocator
XPTX-Band Pulse Transmitter
XPTExtreme Psycho Terror (gaming)
XPTPlatinum Exchange Rate (ISO)
XPTExpress Pay Terminal
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The great advantage of the XPT solution is that it gets around the need for a dedicated control channel by using a new distributed digital trunking protocol developed by Hytera.
The Inverter stage of this unique module is designed with short circuit rated XPT IGBTs that are also specified with wider reverse bias safe operating areas (RBSOA) enabling rugged operations in a greater power envelope.
A single XPT system can support up to eight repeaters at one site and provide up to 16 traffic channels, supporting up to 1,200 users.
For information on this module and IXYS' rapidly growing XPT based IGBT module offering enter "MIXA" into the part number search engine located on its website at www.
We can use all our silicon technologies - rectifiers, thyristors, MOSFETs, XPT IGBTs, reverse blocking IGBTs and SiC diodes in any desired configurations," commented Mr.
006 gives the radios PD505 and PD565 the following improvements: Improved dispatcher support via RRS, Emergency calls, Operation in XPT radio systems, Improved dispatcher support via RRS, Typical dispatcher functions, such as text messages, telemetry and data transfer, use the RRS protocol (Radio Registration Service) in Hytera applications which allows radios to register via the repeater for the application being used.
amp; BIEL, Switzerland -- IXYS Corporation (NASDAQ:IXYS) announces the expansion of its XPT IGBT product line with the release of new discrete high-speed, high-gain 1200V products.
Via six large screens the visitor can see how SmartOne interconnects itself simultaneously to all live systems of the stand, whether it's a TETRA, DMR or XPT system.
Hytera, a world leading solution provider of professional mobile radio communications, facilitated ESPN a smooth and successful live broadcasting for the 14-day tennis game with its latest XPT Digital Trunking solution.
amp; BIEL, Switzerland -- IXYS Corporation (NASDAQ:IXYS) is pleased to announce the expansion of its benchmark XPT IGBT product line with new 600V discrete additions.
Minister for Public Transport Terry Mulder announced today that NSW rail operator Countrylink s twice daily XPT trains between Melbourne and Sydney had begun stopping on request at Broadmeadows and Seymour.
Now 20 years old, XPT is the wild and woolly laboratory at Atlanta's Center for Puppetry Arts, the nation's largest organization dedicated to puppetry, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year.