XQLXML Query Language
XQLExtensible Query Language
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Two languages that were particularly influential in the design of Quilt were XML-QL and XQL.
For selecting sets of nodes, Quilt uses abbreviated XPath expressions, enhanced by certain operators borrowed from XQL.
XMLMATE is a powerful XML Editor, designed to help developers take advantage of the latest XML and XML-related technologies such as XSL and XQL.
Core XML services include an XML parser, DOM, XSL, XQL, Xpointer, and others as they emerge.
Texcel created the initial draft of XQL and has been working closely with Microsoft and webMethods to bring the language to its current state.
XQL turns your documents into a database by allowing powerful queries that use the XML structure to extract the information they contain," according to Jonathan Robie, co-author of the proposal.
XQL is a query language that is quite similar to the pattern language used in XSL (eXtensible Style Language), with extensions for powerful general-purpose queries.
XQL at once greatly simplifies and greatly enhances applications that use XML to represent data.
Microsoft has included XQL in the recently announced beta2 version of Internet Explorer 5.