XRCCXerox Research Centre of Canada
XRCCX-Ray Repair, Complementing Defective, in Chinese Hamster
XRCCXtreme Rock Crawling Challenge (vehicles)
XRCCX-Ray Cross Complementation (protein)
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The deal enables GreenCentre to continue rights to new IP made as part of the technology development and scale up at XRCC .
82 Gender Female 15 (19) Male 65 (81) XPD-312 Asp/Asp 40 (50) Asp/Asn 34 (43) Asn/Asn 6 (7) XPD-751 Lys/Lys 39 (49) Lys/Gln 32 (40) Gln/Gln 09 (11) XRCC 1-194 Arg/Arg 54 (68) Arg/Trp 24 (30) Trp/Trp 2 (2) XRCC 1-399 Arg/Arg 32 (40) Arg/Gln 37 (46) Gln/Gln 11 (14) XRCC3-241 Thr/Thr 27 (34) Thr/Met 48 (60) Met/Met 5 (6) APE1-148 Asp/Asp 42 (53) Asp/Glu 37 (46) Glu/Glu 1 (1) Variable X rays, n(%) All subjects 61 Age, years (mean [+ or -] SE) 34.
Scientists at XRCC initially developed the EA process at Xerox, and the Ultra Low-Melt EA Toner is their next generation product.
Moore a ete presidente du comite de partenariat des universites du XRCC de 2001 a 2003 et est presentement membre du Comite consultatif sur les subventions universites-industrie du CRSNG.
patents and who manages the printed organic electronics group at XRCC in Mississauga, Ontario.
Under a National Institute of Standards and Technology grant, scientists from XRCC and the Palo Alto Research Center, a subsidiary of Xerox in Palo Alto, Calif.
While at the XRCC, he developed a materials characterization laboratory and led the morphological studies of photoreceptors, pigments, toners, solid inks, and media such as paper and transparencies.
Researchers at XRCC began exploring OLED technology in the mid-1990s because the underlying materials were closely related to an existing area of Xerox expertise - photoreceptors.
The Chinese delegates then spent two days, visiting XRCC and BIMR facilities.
Suffice to mention here, in addition to the XRCC to whom we are especially indebted, John Wiley and Sons who, in addition to displaying their books contributed one of the graduate student prizes, and "Obbligato Objectives" and "Island.
The approaches we have developed at XRCC are the caustic soluble resin path and resin hydrolysis path.
XRCC is key to the development of strategic materials for both the paper and digital worlds.