XRDX-Ray Diffraction
XRDX-Ray Diffractometer
XRDXML (Extensible Markup Language) Resource Definition (programming language files)
XRDX-Ray Diode
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XRD analysis is a technique used to find out the crystal structure and size of prepared nanoparticles [6].
The results obtained from XRD pattern of 304 and 309 alloys at temperatures 650[degrees]C and 750[degrees]C in C[O.
Random powder samples from Lakhra anticline were scanned on XRD from 2,28, to 65,28 to detect the presence of non-clay minerals.
Given that the quality of XRD equipment has also made great advances in the last three decades, we can now study un-treated soil clay samples.
This paper is a study of the residual stress in automotive wheels, using XRD and strain gages experimental testing in comparison to simulation analysis using finite element (FEA).
XRD analysis of HA coatings confirmed that all the major peaks belongs to HA, with minor presence of TTCP and PTCP phases.
Rigaku said it plans to combine XRD with its existing crystallography business to form a new business unit.
Zinc Oxide thin films were characterised by SEM, crystalline structure and XRD analysis.
XRD] are the crystallinity measured by DSC and XRD respectively; orientation index was measured by the acoustic method.
It is made out of a material called Poron XRD, that's lightweight yet is able to absorb a lot of impact.
PolyMag XRD additives impart a high level of x-ray contrast into moldings to safeguard consumers against plastic contaminated food products and protect brand reputation.