XREXenobiotic Responsive Element
XREXUL Runtime Environment
XREX-Responsive Element (genetics)
XREeXtreme Reactive Environment
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The XRE transcoder is a standalone conversion solution that enables broadcasters and media companies to automate the transcoding of media files, using watch folders that can be placed anywhere on a network.
Honda motorcycles, a subsidiary of Honda Motor Company (NYSE: HMC), has upgraded its XRE 300 for the Brazilian market.
The 7518 XRE Cruise, being in the Luxury Series, comes well appointed without adding a single option.
six workers for a typical XRE compression part and perhaps no workers at all for XRI, depending on how many holes a part requires.
The EWGS L5 is also fully compatible with Edius Ingest (for creating an Edius ingest station), SimulEdit (allowing Edius clients to work on clips while they are still ingesting) and Edius XRE (a turnkey edit station for bulk processing the final render and conform of Edius projects).
And at 17 feet, 10 inches long, the LS 7518 XRE still finds a way to give four anglers their own corner fishing spot with a comfortable pedestal seat.
For major elements measured by XRE data were assessed for accuracy and precision using duplicate samples and by reference to the certified international standard materials: stream sediment reference materials (STSD) STSD-1 and STSD-2.
XRE is a rulesbased computing platform that enables rapid implementation of specialized processing at the edge to enhance Web applications.
Uri Marrache, the owner of 24 First Avenue and 99101 East 2nd Street, has retained Yagnesh Vangala, principal at XRE NY, to exclusively market the properties.
The all new Qwest LS 7518 XRE Cruise is a shining example of Apex Marine's commitment to offer the finest quality COMPACT pontoon boats available.
He was also responsible for the invention and development of the Company's XRE service, building a flexible architecture to support the rapid, dynamic deployment of enhancements to Mirror Image's patented Content Access Point(R) (CAP) network.
Mirror Image's global patented Content Access Point(R) (CAP) network and XRE solution made them uniquely qualified to meet the challenges posed by 4Kids.