XRPMXapp Resource and Program Management
XRPMeXtensible Resource Provisioning Management
XRPMX-Rated Porno Machine (band)
XRPMxApps Resource and Portfolio Management (SAP)
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The mission of the XRPM Working Group is to provide a standard for the open interoperability between systems and resources in order for access rights to be provisioned.
The XRPM working group's standard will enable companies to seamlessly integrate best-of-breed products to create a complete solution tailored to the customer's environment.
Critical Path has been very pro-active in working on an XML-based provisioning protocol for some time that would enable in-sourced and outsourced services to be easily managed by anyone, and our efforts are now seeing traction with many companies through the activities undertaken within the XRPM working group," said Josh Groves, vice president of channel and alliance sales at Critical Path.
As a co-chair for the emerging XRPM specification, Jamcracker is committed and motivated to deliver technical solutions to the challenge of creating an integrated ecosystem of best-of-breed web services.