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XRTX-Ray Telescope
XRTExchange Rate
XRTExternal Beam Radiation Therapy
XRTX-Ray Therapy (radiation)
XRTExtensions for Real-Time
XRTX-Ray Topography (mapping crystalline solids)
XRTExtended Reliability Test
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Similar results were also reported by Sause et al, in a retrospective review with longer survival in the patients having surgical resection and XRT compared to XRT alone in solitary brain metastasis.
Patients previously receiving XRT or BT with urologic difficulties between 2005 and 2010 were retrospectively analyzed.
The confirmation of XRT effectiveness at large scale is an important milestone in Ucore's march to mine construction," McKenzie announced in a prepared statement.
Goldman was the largest institutional holder of the XRT in order to allow its customers to short the XRT.
All lesions were positive for estrogen receptor, and patients were offered chemoprevention (CP), radiation therapy (XRT), or both CP and XRT.
The grey vehicle was being restored inside the garage and its registration plate is A4 XRT.
These 3 patients, along with 2 other patients, were treated with external radiation therapy (XRT) at presentation; the remaining 6 patients received XRT later in the course of their disease for symptom control.
Patient T Stage/Site Treatment Total Radiation 1 T3 Oropharynx XRT 72 Gy 2 T2 Oropharynx Chemo/XRT/Left ND 72 Gy 3 T2 Oral Cavity Sx/XRT 68 Gy 4 T2 Oropharynx Chemo/XRT/Left ND 58 Gy 5 Tx Unknown XRT/Left ND 50 Gy XRT=radiation; Gy=grays; Chemo=chemotherapy; ND=neck dissection; Sx=surgery.
For example, a patient who requires XRT may have radioactive beads, brachytherapy, placed directly in the area of the tumor.
The new XRT suit "is a single mission coverall that can be donned and doffed multiple times in the event of false alarms," says a spokesman from W.
uk or by letter to residential care homes consultation, c/o director of social services, Vale of Glamorgan Council, DockOffices, Subway Road, Barry, CF64 XRT, or by fax on 01446 704839, before March 31.