XRXXerox Corporation (stock symbol)
XRXXpand Rally Xtreme (computer gaming)
XRXXforms, Rest and Xquery (web application)
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XRX did not volunteer any information on price in its statement.
XRX was established in 1998 as a business focused on the entertainment sector.
The XRX can play its traffic on everything from the Honeywell AV80R or later-generation Garmin portables to Anywhere Map software.
We think the XRX traffic presentation and azimuth function is the most detailed of any of the portables.
I have a Zaon XRX connected to a Garmin 396 using a special cable provided by Zaon.
The XRX brought new capability to the field in its unique ability to detect not just range, but also azimuth, which it does through what Zaon calls a signal amplitude/ phase cancellation antenna mounted in the truncated pyramid atop the receiver.
The XRX will detect and display up to three target aircraft, showing range, bearing--with pointer arrows--and relative altitude trends.
We tried the XRX in a series of airborne tests and found that its performance is generally good, although short of perfect for reasons we'll illuminate.
What immediately distinguishes the XRX from previous models, both the SureCheck brand and those from Monroy and ProxAlert--is the size and shape of the thing.